Fabulous Trainings

These awesome training programs exist to facilitate incredible results. All of them support collaboration.
Click below for a quick synopsis of the incredible experience they provide, and consider letting us introduce you to them! 

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Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula (R)

Jeff Walker Platinum (R)

Jeff Walker Launch Your List (R)

Jeff Walker (R) Other

Brendon Burchard’s Expert’s Academy¬† (R)

Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy (R),

Brendon Burchard 10x Academy (R),

Brendon Burchard (R) other,

Frank Kern Mass Conversion (R),

Frank Kern Freedom Multiplier (R),

Frank Kern other (R),

Ryan Deiss Followup Machine (R),

Ryan Deiss AdDigitalMarketer (R),

Jeff Johnson TubeSecrets (R),

Jenkins/Filsaime WebinarJam (R)


Legal Stuff: We don’t own any of these Programs but mention them for your consideration because of the quality level of their material and the value they produce. If you would like to see a program added to this list, or have any concerns or comments with any items in this list, contact us at Admin@CollaborationMultiplier.com