Welcome to CollaborationMultiplier.com

You made it!  You are a startup entrepreneur or a seasoned expert in the Information Services or Expert Services industry, you got through all the “Live” workshops, Launch Formulas and Academies, you made it through “The Machine”, you may have even done your Launches. Whether you are a graduate of Jeff Walkers’s amazing Product Launch Formula (R), Brendon Burchard’s Expert’s Academy, Frank Kern’s awesome Mass Conversion (R),  Ryan Deiss’ “Followup Machine” (R) or one of those other great products out there (Sorry guys, I would lose my audience if I listed you all here – there is a link below where they can find you)… the bottom line is that entrepreneurs know the value of collaboration.

If you don’t… let’s talk about it.

I think I may be a lot like you though, in that I was inundated with advice and opinions, opportunities, business cards, Facebook posts and Friend Requests – even SPAM as a result of sharing with a lot of folks online.  I called this Collaborator Information Overload, or CIO. I created this site as a way to eliminate that, and a way to shop for quality collaborators and start working with them right away – and do so as privately as you would like. I intend to make this a DEEP DIVE into collaboration.

What in your campaign or business development process could benefit from massive collaboration? (Answer: EVERYTHING).  Even if if your site is not ready (and couldn’t every site use another dosage of “Excellent”? ) you can get collaborators to work with you – finding affiliates, JV launchers, guest speakers for your Mastermind program or even your Blog or YouTube video.

So Welcome to Collaboration Multiplier.  We are a matchmaking service for Collaborators. Our mission is to help you find collaborators that are really on-point for you, without adding lots of information overwhelm, like the Social Media sites add. Watch for the next installment of this blog as I lay out what you are going to see on this site…

Click <HERE> to start collaborating NOW and sharing the contact info you choose with the people you choose – again and again.

For a SHORT TIME – the membership on the site is featuring a sweet bonus. After a short time, (very short if I have my way), that bonus will probably go away. Click the link at the bottom of the page to find out what I am talking to you about.

Legal Full Disclosure: I don’t own all those products I named above, they are the properties of some very excellent expert coaches. I only mention them because they are so valuable. I suggest you seriously consider them all! Click <here> for an index to all of them, with a quick explanation of what I think they can do for you.

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