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Here’s where you begin the process.  On this site, you will have two levels of profile, Public, and Insider. You share your Public Profile, inviting others to request your Insider Profile. You choose the Insiders. Set up your Public Profile – what you want to show to the potential collaborators in the room – who you are, what your area or niche is (ie., “I am an Author”), and select what you are looking for.  Put in as much information as you want, but keep the insider info for the Insiders you choose. This is how you prevent CIO or “Collaborator Input Overload” (TM) (just kidding on that TM, but it is a nice idea – ok, TM.)

You will note, I have limited your opportunity send or receive TMI. I hope this will work for you. Once you have an Insider, I can’t control what gets shared – but you can always <report> anything out of the genre.

Have you read or downloaded the featurette “How to Attract Collaborators and What to Do with Them Once You Have?” ? That was the Follow up to “Why Collaborate  – and How?”  Get them here at the <Downloads Page>.
Also, don’t overlookGAMEPLAN FAST-TRACK DOWNLOAD – a 4-page PDF that some of you received if we contacted you directly.

Your Public Profile – such as, what you might see on a name tag or business card (actually quite a bit more) that will allow you to:

– Identify who you are – just like your business card – except, no Email just yet.

– Identify your Niche, and What you do (or what your product is about).

– Your project status or Launch Level (such as “Brand New”, “Ready to Launch”, Multi-Launch).

– Whether you are Looking for, Offering, or Both.

Optional, searchable criteria are:

– Your Experience Level (recommended). <Click here to find out why>

– Your Exposure to Internet Marketing Programs (such as one of the folks <on this list>) (recommended). <Click here to find out why>

<Important Note. We are unable – and it’s not our purpose –  to certify what level of exposure anyone has had to a program, or whether they’ve had any at all. We figure this will sort this out when you get to talking. As always, choose your collaborators deliberately, and allow them to qualify themselves. Don’t over-represent yourself – watching an opt-in video or two is different from doing a course. >

For Example, Here’s Mine.

Your Insider Profile:

More details about you, including optional photos or access to other features that you can choose to share (Like Social Networking, email, etc).

As we expand the website, we will make more features available to make Collaboration Multiplication possible.

Questions, Comments? Go to the Blog, and leave us a comment, we will respond to you directly if you are a registered member, or potentially in-column, if appropriate.

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